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    I have seen them at Home Depot, but you can get one at amazon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike19 View Post
    Just curious if anyone has one of these? Looks handy for situations like this?

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    I bought one of those last month because it was on sale at Johnstone. Amazon wants an arm and a leg for them. It works pretty good ,but is pretty damn heavy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete838 View Post
    I have seen them at Home Depot, but you can get one at amazon.
    Thanks. I have to get me one.

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    Yep, I use the sink adapter... Or pump sprayer... Or air compressor... Or a nitrogen tank

    Depends on the situation.

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    We invested in a tank(about 100 gallons) stuffed into the back of an old van and a pressure w/ a 200 ft hose.

    Another guy I worked with would use a tank with a transfer pump(nothing big) and fed water up to the roof though regular hoses to his small pressure washer. This was a cheaper set up. It was a $100 pressure washer with a $50 pump. The tank was free, I don't remember where he got it.
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    in a service van down by the river...........
    A well pump pressure tank can be filled from a water hose and transported to wherever the water is needed and will deliver water at whatever the pressure was when it is filled right up to the point it is empty.... it can be loaded empty into the van and filled , left in the van and run water hose to the roof or wherever the equipment is located.
    I used a 50 gallon tank to supply a 3 gallon/ minute electric pressure washer back when I used to service remote cell phone sites when water was not available... You will need to determine what size tank you need and learn to manage your water use when you use this system. I installed a ball valve and pressure guage on the tank piping to be able to tell when tank was about empty and used ball valves on both ends of a 100' "Fill Hose" so I could trap the water in the hose to keep from having to use my water supply to fill the hose when at site... It worked very well...
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    If I went to a business or a home to clean a coil and they didnt have a hose bib...... I would install one somewhere and charge them for it....

    If I did install one Id do it before the regulator if possible..... for higher pressure.....

    And I would CHARGE them for it.....

    And I would explain that if they get someone else up there to clean the coil without a good supply of water that they would do a crappy job.

    We have a truck with a water tank and pump for tower sites and other places.....but if its a business that has a water system in it..... Id make them buy a hose bib from me and pay for its installation.

    It will save them money in the long run........ cause if they have to pay a guy to switch his tools and stuff to the water truck.... fill the water tank at the shop..... hook that mess up at the site.......and clean the coil.......then pack all that junk back up...... its probably going to cost more than a 20 minute plumbing job.
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    I've used this one for two or three years. It runs forever on a charge, has 80 psi with an adjustable nozzle from a fan spray to a stream- 4 gallon capacity.

    The stainless handle and nozzle are corrosion proof/resistant. It comes with a strap to wear it like a backpack.

    I bought a longer hose for it to reach 8 feet.

    I clean indoor coils with it a lot.

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    lots and lots of hose, some of my building need a couple hundred feet of hose.

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