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    Greetings, Earthlings.

    I'm married, 57 and have been in the restaurant / commercial kitchen repair industry for, oh, 23 years now.

    Started out doing equipment and building repair for an owner/operator in Massachusetts for 5 1/2 years, then did a 8 year stint at the service company I used to call for kitchen repairs that I couldn't get to, and finally lost my mind and moved south for 8 years. For a few months in 2008, I really lost my mind and started a service company in Florida, right as the economy tanked (gas was $4.65 near the apt), and *nobody* was repairing anything (Lost my shirt, went back to previous company: How *do* you comptete with "cousin Vinnie" at $30/hr in unmarked van?

    I'm a CFSEA Master Tech, have my Universal Tech refrigeration cert. Tons of factory certified training.

    Very much prefer hotside work to HVACR but we work on it all (except the big chiller systems). Would really like to move down to the FL Keys to work the remaining years, repairing Blodgett DFG100's.

    Lesse, love my computers and electronic gizmos, my 2005 Suzuki C50 motorcycle, 1997 Lincoln Town Car (Hey, I'm 6'3" and traveling.

    Welcome any questions....

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    I recently just got into the restaraunt repair side of things myself, I view carfboard in a whole new light now

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