Hello I'm new so if I do this wrong Im sorry .I'm battleing between 2 systems..the infinity 16 series and the Lennox xp16 . My home is 1200sqft I live in central Florida so humidity is crazy plus my body temp runs normally low(97.4 -97.8) ..here are my questions and concerns ... our manual j load calls for a 2 ton system which is fine. But we plan on adding 300sqft to our house in the near future ( maybe 2 to 3 yrs) which will bring the sqft up to 1500sqft. But the j load is still low 2 1/2 ton system. I know that no a/c system does not make a 2 stage condencer in the 1/2 ton only in full tons..so do I round up to a. 3 ton system will short cycling be an issue ...even tho our sqft is 2 ton ..will it be efficient . Or will a 2 ton be enough to handle the expantion when it done..some say 3 ton some say 2 ton a few told me to run 2 1/2 ton ..my big issue is humidity with the upgrade is..double hung triple pain low e argon filled windows foam fill all penitrations blow in insulation our house tight on leaks..I have had bad experiences with several dealer/install companies locally.no names ...I'm not completely clueless in a/c did commercial a/c install for 7 yrs.and was starting school for service due to injuries from work I can no longer work in the field not to knowledgeable on residential but learning more each day...thank you for any input