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    5 "repairs" later we still have a problem...

    Ok. First off excuse my layman's language, everything I know about HVAC I learned in the last month! To make a long story short, we put our house on the market on 5/10. On 5/18, we noticed a drip on the back porch. Didn't think much of it at first but after it continued our realtor advised us to call AHS to get a technician out. They send out a guy who told us something related to the evap coil was rusted and he would notify AHS who would confirm the cost of repair. Finally heard back- $ price tag as no part was covered. Got a second opinion (independently), same issue, $. Went through ORHP, still not covered, but $. Went with that guy. Not 2 days after he replaced the evap coil, the condenser grounded out, & we had to have that replaced. Had that done thru ORHP for $. Two days later, our drip is back. It's been dripping on and off for almost a week. Technician has been out three times: blown out the lines, strapped the main drain pipe at more of a downward angle, and added a cap to the pipe opening (for bleach!?). Still no solution. He is returning Monday but I have little faith in him. We are supposed to close 7/3... Absolutely do not want to scare our buyers off. Any ideas?!?
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