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    Need Advise on type of 3 ton condensor to add to existing 13 seer air handler

    when I bought my 1600sq ft home in sunny North Florida It had a split 3 ton heat pump( r22 )sytem that included a Trane 13 seer Air handler installed new in 2003 and a 10 seer Snyder General compressor that finally gave up the ghost after almost 25 years of service.Three reasons why I am pretty sure I will keep the air handler and just buy a new condenser is -1. it's in very good condition from what I can see and from what the two hvac contractors that have inspected it have said, 2. where it's placed in the attic would add $ just in additional labor to replace it according to the contractors that quoted me and 3. I don't plan on staying in home more than a couple of more years.

    Contractor one recommends a Haier 3 ton r22 .10 yr compressor,5 yr parts and 1 year labor

    Contractor two recommends a R-ZZ Eco-temp condensor with 410. 10 yr warranty on compressor ,1 year parts ,2 yr labor

    Both about the same price.Contractor two was recommended to me by my brother in law who is a general contractor and house flipper and has been using using him for years.

    I prefer to use contractor two because what matters most to me is having it done right the first time and being able to trust the person.

    So my question is given this information are:

    Am i on the right track deciding to keep existing air handler and just add new condenser?

    Any opinions on the Eco temp 13 seer condenser using r410? He said it is their entry level product.

    What condenser and refrigerant type would you recommend in this scenario that would be aprox. $ installed ?

    Does using a 410 condenser instead of r22 matter as far as comfort and efficiency as long as air handler is compatible?

    Any thoughts or opinions would be very much appreciated as i have to decide this weekend because it is friggen hot up in here!

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