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    05/06 versus 06/07

    Anyone have any numbers of units sold for wood and gas over the last 2 seasons?

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    Here on the east coast the 05/06 season was probally 78% wood we installed about 70 wood burners and maybe 25 gas related fireplace type heaters or hearth product. 06 / 07 was a strong turnaround for gas, I believe the numbers are probally the same but in reverse.

    Now of course these are our numbers not others, However they are what they are. From what we have gathered, The reason mostly for this rapid turnaround was availabily of some of the units and the fuel, Furthermore I believe people were scared to see another 1977 fuel shortage .

    Pellets were obsolete in some area's and wood was outpriced by demand. I believe wood will remain moderate as long as availability is present. Now is the time for wood sellers to increase productivity so they can lasoo that beast and keep him there for the longer duration, I'm rambling but after 18 years of this stuff you get tired of the same old cycle. "gas prices up,wood sales up" "gas prices down, wood products die" I would rather install wood because it is easier to install than gas, hell we were putting in 10 or more a week at one point, the only hard part is clearences and venting. Direct vent inserts take 8 to 10 hours unless you do hack job work. we installed over 40 direct vent inserts just this year. Buy the time you run the gas, electric rough in its lunch time "hopefully".

    Sorry, I hope your question has been answered, just tired

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    I hope I attached file properly, EXPO news release that has some statistics on units sold.

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