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    Condenser pulling vacuum

    AC is out. Had repair tech work on system and changed metering vallve. Condenser is pulling vacuum on low side when they try and service unit. They want to change out condenser unit. What could cause this issue? High side is showing pressure and stabilizes once unit is not running. Low side comes up as well. Unit is 14 years old on R22.

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    Find a repair tech that knows what they're doing. That's the best advice I can give with the limited information given.

    No reason given for why the "metering valve" was changed or what kind of device it was.

    Lots of reasons the low side will pull into a vacuum. One reason it will is that the condenser's compressor is doing it's job. Why it is should be an easy thing for any AC tech with experience to figure out.

    Sounds like a parts changer to me IMO with the information provided.
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    A restriction.

    A good tech can find where, and advise after that.
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