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    Good books on duct work.

    What's a good book on sizing and running duct work. also any good books on manual j system sizing?

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    The Air Conditioning Contractors of America's website has a wealth of manuals that would be very helpful. The one's I have listed below where the texts we used at Suffolk County Community College for the System Design course.

    Here is a link to the text I used to learn manual J. It is the abridged edition of manual

    Here is the link to the Manual D text:

    Here is a link to a book called "bob's house". It really helped me understand duct design.

    Here is a link to their custom designed spreadsheets which they call speedsheets. They make the manual J very easy to do. But the spreadsheet will most likely make no sense to you if you haven't read and have access to the manual.

    Finally, here is a link to all the other books they put out. I plan to buy the one on manual N and S as soon as I finish training for certification as a residential energy auditor.
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