Ya'll have to understand that is just how Bill is, he just does not write in a straight serious nature most times.

There are several considerations people not from Houston must understand, first HVAC here is very cheap I mean downright cheap; trying to get a reasonable rate for your work is like puling teeth. Everyone is undercutting the others price just to get work and the vast majority doing the work have no real knowledge or skills.

Trying to introduce a new concept is near impossible so most do not try and will not expend the effort or money to educate themselves or their customers because it is a wasted effort. Yes, Bear, may well be the exception or he may not and ultimately go for the common/ordinary design. No offense to you Bear I have just seen too many espouse the rhetoric, I will spend extra for quality, waste mine or others time and then just go the cheap route; I hope you do not.

Next the reason HVAC is so cheap our homes are cheap compared to most other large metropolitan areas, you get more sq.ft. per dollar here than almost anywhere and people move on average every five years so they will not invest 15% or more of thir homes value in something that will not pay for itself in a few years.

I have proposed many hydronic systems over the last decade and not one has been sold, I have sold systems that were nearly as costly but more conventional because the homeowner ultimately felt more comfortable with an SOP design, partially because everyone else told them my option was not viable.

As far as getting a commercial company to do the work, I have seen to many local debacles from comm. company forays into the residential field to be hopeful of an acceptable outcome.