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We currently average around $200/month electric and $48/month for gas (1300sf).
Well you have go into this build focusing more on comfort, and not savings, it will help you in your ability to concentrate on the "total" outcome. You have to have a comparison to something to figure savings,your building a new home. I by no means want to say you cannot fulfill your dreams of how your would like the outcome to be. Houston is a beast, I have seen a lot of good sincere jobs done here in good faith, to achieve the very best efficiency of the total home, fall short of the homeowners expectations, and really only you can personally sense what your expectations are. I do agree, although you don't see many in Houston "don't know why" with installing a whole house dehumidifier, in 30 years I have never personally come across a customer with a dehumidifier in their home, I think if the $$$ allow that would be a very good investment, just makes sense for this local.

PS...I like to always throw this in, I know the zonies don't like this, but if your zoned system goes down, your dead in the water, if you have two systems you can be cool till the a/c guy gets out, which in the summer in Houston, could be a bit. But on the brighter side, if your zoned system goes down, you can always stay at a Holiday Inn Express, the kids will Love the pool.