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    New heat pump system

    My Goodman 3.5 ton Heat pump has failed me and I have been getting estimates for a replacement. I have gotten 3 quotes in my town but none of them have offered to do a manual J. I have gotten same day quotes from all three, and although they were all recommended by people whose opinions I value, I am not sure why no one offered this. I think they think my main concern is cost, and although I don't have thousands of $$$ lying around, I want it done right and well and will finance it.
    Since my house is only 8 years old I've come to blame the install more than the equipment and question the original size choice. Should I be asking for the manual j heat calc or should reputable outfits be proactively offering them? I have followed up with one of them asking for it but haven't heard back from them yet (just reached out today). They are Trane dealers and I have been looking at the xr15 and xr16. I believe the Xr16 does not come in .5 increments or at least they are not offered by them.
    My space is about 1900 square feet with an energy sucking under insulated bonus room above the garage in central ky
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    Most companies will not do a manual j until you sign a contract with them. I personally am not going to spend a couple extra hours doing a load calc for a job I'm not going to get. Good luck

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    I don't do manual J on replacements, just new systems (new construction).

    If there is an issue with cooling, or heating I will count returns, and supplies, and see where I can add if needed.

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    Thanks. I am having an energy audit performed through the electric company so that should shed some light on some efficiency issues. Almost ruled out some good techs I think. Since my unit no longer works, I have no idea if it short cycled. It struggled in the winter but a lot of heat pumps do around here.

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