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GA , they are at 4 inch. I bought one about a year ago from Truetech on sale hoping that the spacing would be right for DC ( or at least too wide ).

It is however the ultimate vacuum manifold and a beautiful piece of engineering and manufacturing. The valves are HUGE zero loss and the whole unit is vacuum certified to 20 microns or something like that. I just need to accept the 60 dollar price tag for the stubby 1/2 inch hose ( and why mine is sitting in the garage , lol ). But yeah , this is what belongs on top of a TEZ-8.
Do they make a 4 valver? I guess I could tolerate the offsets if it was a 4 valver... But to give up both... well that may be too much.

When I bought a new AK900 a mos ago, I bought a YJ Titan from Amazon. The valves are much improved from the earlier Titan, they close tight and open easily... well at least for the first mos they do... And the knobs are a lot larger, easier to use.

May have to replace the valve cores in my old Titan and put the new knobs on it. However the cost may be such that a new Titan might be reasonable. The old one is under a DC 1200/1250.