Hi everyone,

I would appreciate your guidance to solving a problem with our two year old boiler. It is Slant/Fin Lynx with indirect water tank. About two months ago we got an A 33 error code. The plumber came out and replaced a fan part that was under warranty (the part was free and we paid for labor). 3-4 weeks later the same issue occurred. We called the plumber, and Slant/Fin convinced him that the first part must have been defective, so we had it replaced again. Now, as you might guess, the same thing came up - A 33 error. What do we do and what can I expect from Slant/Fin to help solve the problem?

Here's a back story:

We had the boiler installed two years ago to work with our hot water radiators, in our 1927 home. Last year we decided to remove radiators and go with hydroheat, along with installing ducts for A/C. This winter was great, in terms of heat comfort and efficiency. The boiler includes an indirect water heater. There was one issue over the winter as well when a circulating pump broke and we did not have heat on the 2nd floor. (we have a two systems, one for each floor). One issue is that the plumber who installed our boiler is no longer in business (He decided to work full-time for a company, instead).

Please let me know if you'd like additional info. I would appreciate your help!