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    I would love to give that a try first. Can you tell me what drop in you are using with success. I am seeing a few different types and not sure which would be the best. Also does the drop work as a 1 to 1 or do you use less. One drop in I found was said you use 40 percent less than r22. Also does the drop in stuff cool as good or is the system going to be working harder to keep the temp where I want it causing my bill to go even higher.
    I just realized you and I are not supposed to be over here until we are approved. So this will be my last reply in this area until I'm approved. I was going to PM you, but I can't figure out how to Private Message. Anyway, we use Nu-22. We like it. That's all I'm gonna say here until I'm approved. Sorry moderators! I couldn't leave the poor guy hanging when he directly asked me. Off to find out about private messages.....

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    This is the Ask Our Pro's forum, and only Pro members that have been vetted by the AOPC may post advise, commentary, or ask questions of the OP here.

    You can find the rules for posting and qualifications here.

    Further infractions may result in loss of posting privileges.
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