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    Options and advise on new 5 ton unit

    My house is 13 years old and I have a Trane 5 ton 12 seer R22 unit with gas furnace. I live in Dallas so it gets hot here in the summer. The liquid line at the compressor rubbed a hole in the line so all refrigerant went bye bye. The unit holds 12.6 pounds of R22 and at bucks a pound that's $ just in refrigerant. I have had two different guys come out and give me their recommendations. Both guys said I should replace the unit with a new r410a unit.

    Guy #1 $

    Remove Old R-22 Evaporator coil & Condensing unit
    Remove Old duct board supply plenum
    Install new Rheem RCFHA6021AC Evaporator coil
    Install new Rheem RAPM060JEZ 14.5 SEER condensing unit
    Install new Insulated sheet metal supply plenum
    Install new supply collars with dampers and seal with duct sealer
    Flush existing refrigerant lines for re-use with 410A
    Install new refrigerant liquid line dryer
    Install new 36” x48” concrete slab for condensing unit
    Evacuate and recharge system with R 410A to proper temperatures and pressures using superheat and sub-cooling method

    Guy #2 $

    He can install a Carrier 5 ton 13 seer unit INCLUDING furnace for the above mentioned price.

    First Question: If guy #1 installs a 14.5 seer unit but uses my existing furnace will it still be a 14.5 seer unit or will it drop it down lower.

    Second Question: Out of both systems which one is rated better and what would you guys recommend.

    Third Question: Can I buy my own r410a condenser and air handler and install it myself or is that against the law. If it is lawful for me to do myself where could I get the unit from.

    Any help and advise appreciated.

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