Hi Folks, I have a question about the amount of sweating the Accumulator does.

Just installed a Goodman 13 Seer 2.5 Ton system, the ARUF
30C14 air handler and the GSZ13 0301A outside unit.

We have a 35' line set and Goodman says add 0.6 ounces coolant per foot over the supplied 15' amount. This worked out on a calculator to about 9 ounces.

We got our numbers right @ 6.5 ounces.

All seems well but I just wanted to run this by you.

I understand its normal for an accumulator to sweat and why.

I just want to ask this:

All the lines going to and from the accumulator sweat. Even the one entering at the top of the Compressor.
The compressor is dry and is about 115°F at the top when it shuts off and I aim my digital Temp gun at it.

On a really humid day with rain threatening clouds there will be a small puddle at the base. But most of the time its dry around the bottom with just the lines I spoke of.

Your words on the matter will be appreciated.

You can see the water in the pic I hope. This was after several hours of a rain threatening day.
As for the fence section. That was to deflect the last units noise away from my deck. This one is so quiet I hardly need it but left it anyway for a total silence effect.

The unit was placed far away from the house to avoid any gutter clogging failure and direct pouring of roof shingle and such into the unit.
We decided to use the old platform along with the new slab.
The window is facing my truck tailgate in the garage :-)

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