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    Air Handler in attic leaking

    I have had a recurrent leak from my attic over the past two years. It only happens when the AC is on, and has been "fixed" each time. The last few times there has been a broken pipe. Company one, the original installer, sends a different guy each time, and they are of different levels of experience. After the last time, I demanded a senior HVAC professional. He suggested a condensation pump. That would need to be serviced each year.

    I decided to get a second opinion. Company 2 tried to be nice, but I got the impression company one had seriously screwed up. The emergency drain empties onto the floor , and the drip pan is too small for the air handler. I included a picture. Not sure if you can tell anything from the picture, but the drip pan seems useless to me.

    Should I just move on, should I contact company one and give them a piece of my mind, or is there just not enough info for you to give an opinion?

    Thanks for your help and time
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