Recently I had a new HAVC installed my old one was 30 years old and the warranty company desided to replace it. The old one was a Rheem 3.0 ton split unit (I have a basement) with r22 refrigerant. The new one is a Payne PF4mn and ph14nb 3.5 ton and it is a 410(maybe 410a?) refrigerant. with replacing the outside unit and the inside unit we did not replace the thermostate. The square footage of the house is 1500 sq ft. I have two complaints and I am not sure what to do about it.

1) The temp does not feel as cool with the new one as it did with the old one. My basement doesn't even feel as cool, but maybe its just more humid in my house than with the old unit ?

2) I have to put my thermostat on 65 to get the temperature to be around 73(maybe this is cause the thermostat is old ?)

I have measured the air going into the return which is around 75 and the air coming out the vent is around 54.

- Maybe this is normal going from at r22 to a 410 ?
- Maybe 410 does not deal with humitdity as well (I live in a highly humid area)?
- Maybe I am being a cranky consumer ?

Any ideas or suggestions would be great!