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    carrier 50ez 4 ton heat package unit heat pump

    this unit described above has sat outside our home for a year, since the compressor blew. The unit was around under 3 years old and was a complete lemon from the get go. Weve put in frigidaire window units in to get by. Carrier gave me the usual spiel that your on your own if you dont have full labor coverage on the unit. I was told also by the customer service supervisor that 2 and a half years to 3 years was an acceptable length of life for the unit. So Ive advised others and they have avoided the carrier brand. Admittedly the installers did (Some A/C Company of Kentucky) didnt seem to know what they were doing either. When they first put it in they didnt have the heat pump and furnace wired to work in tandem, so it couldnt maintain comfortable heat and we were getting exhorbitant bills. The heat quit after it was a year old and the heat pump didnt work either, just after the labor warranty expired. a $ lump of junk. a lot of breakdowns, one time the fan blade even fell off the shaft inside the condensor coils compartment.

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    No-one has explained to me why the copeland scroll compressor would blow up like that, and before that it had been laboring everytime the pump cycled. You could see the lights in the house pulsing and dimming. could it have been a restriction in the lines? Im not a hvac engineer, but I have a degree in mech engineering and i like to know whats going on here.
    thanks, jon
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