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    Need advice on bids I get today for replacement of 3 ton split sytem heat pump.

    Bids will be from established dealers/contractor in my area who offer Goodman products which I understand some of the models come with a 5 year no hassle warranty from the Goodman that includes parts and labor. I went to Goodman's website and it wasn't clear to me which product line this included.

    Anybody know what model line this includes in there 13 seer and 15 seer system's? Trying to keep equipment cost down because I probably will be selling home within 2 years but would like suggestions from you pros on any upgrades to consider such as variable fan speed in air handler etc. or any specific model .Reading the Goodman literature on the 13 seers( which is what I have now) one of the models is supposedly runs quieter which would appeal to me if it's of a significant difference to justify the extra cost. Anybody know about this?

    Is it best to tell the salesman of each of the 3 dealers the exact model number of equipment I want? What else should I ask the salesman to include in the written estimate? Thanks

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    Reads like you want the cheapest unit out there. Go ahead with what you are thinging. You usually get what you pay for. Any unit should last two years. Some even have a 10 years warranty.
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    Curious as to why you say you have 13seer now? Thought you had a 10yr old indoor unit with 25 yr old outdoor?

    Not aware of any no hassle warranty from goodman. If you want labor warranty you usually have to pay for it.

    Since you aren't going to be there long just get a 13 seer base model. The smartest thing would be have a contractor compensated to review the ductwork and probably put a unit in a size smaller that will still produce the same amount of delivered cooling since its all limited to the ducts.

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