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    Older Home, 1 and a 1/2 Story.. Very Warm... Upstairs.

    First lemme say Great Place to get some Valuable Info and Thanks to Everyone who Contributes Here.. I live in a Older Home, Its a Story and Half and like most of your Typical Dual Level homes its tends to be Hotter upstairs. I Realize that without Zoning HVAC its pretty much gonna be a Issue for Most Residential Systems. Ive Lived here for 10+ years, Been somewhat of a Issue since ive lived here, I did recently need to remove some rather large trees that did a fine job of keeping the West side of the House in Shade the better part of the Day.. SAD.

    My Home has a Fairly New AC system, Only 2 ducts upstairs, Aprox 300 square feet to Cool (2 rooms roughly 12x12 and a Landing, 1/2 bath, Both rooms have 1 Duct), New Wall Insulation and New Blown in Insulation for the Ceiling. NO Attic Access but there are 2 Gable openings and some Vents on the Roof that is roughly 2 years old (1 layer Black), No soffits.. Like Most 1 1/2 Story homes there is Storage in the Dead areas behind the Walls and Over the Front porch etc.. It is extremely Hot in these Areas, I have No Insulation on the Outer Walls, I see No Current Venting of these Areas, Especially the the Storage area over the Front porch (Largest, faces West). There is a Window up there, Very small but a Possible way to let some Air exhaust Naturally.

    I know this is a Very Common problem with probably No straightforward solution, But im wondering what the Experts would recommend? I feel that cooling off those specific Hot Areas cant hurt the situation, Should i utilize some Batt insulation between the Inner Joists in this specific area? My Home is Vinyl sided with only the board insulation behind the Siding in these Areas. Im already gonna play with trying to increase Air Flow upstairs by closing some Lower vents (Very Cool downstairs almost borderline to cold).

    What ive done so far is positioned a Fan in a Upstairs bedroom exhausting Heat, And in Reality its Helped tremendously. I cant give a specific Drop in Temp, But its definitely Helping. My Neighbor has a similiar floor plan and they finally gave up and just added a Window Air conditioner, I havent ruled out this option.. But wanted to see what you guys thought.

    Sorry about the Endless Rambling, Im trying to give as much info as possible..

    Thanks in Advance.

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    My apologies after reading the stickys, I might have ventured into the NON DYi guidelines of the board. If so please feel free to delete my post mods. My apologies.

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    It's a problem for older homes that were only designed only for heating when built. With only two registers to the second floor, you'll need to add ductwork (if possible) or install a mini-split system.

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