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    Furnace A/C Combo in apartments

    Dear HVAC Pros,
    There is a small apartment building that I'm interested in purchasing, but as with most apartments in the area it only offers A/C via wall units and heat via base boards. I'm looking for ways to upgrade each of the 6 units to Central Heat and A/C. I've seen a couple different solutions in my area:
    1) Furnace and A/C Combo unit built into the storage area of the balcony - which saves on interior space but I have to assume it's fairly inefficient since it is housed outside of the conditioned space
    2) Furnace and A/C Combo built into a small closet next to an exterior wall, with a vent about 2'x4' to the exterior (I'm guessing for exhaust and/or intake)

    I realize that I would have to install ductwork in each unit, but the apartments have high enough ceilings that a bulkhead could easily be built out without a problem. My questions are:
    1) Are there other solutions I haven't considered besides the two above, while still providing easy ventilation and minimal retrofit?
    2) Where can I find an installer for one of the options above (I can't find and HVAC company that offers this type of product and I don't even know what to call it)?
    3) What can I expect to pay for one of these units installed? I've replaced a few furnaces and condensers in my other rentals, at about $x for the pair. I'm wondering if this system would be more or less?
    4) Is all electric an option, or would the furnace have to be gas? Tenants pay electric, so that would be ideal.

    Thanks for any insight, suggestions, or advice that you can provide!!
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    All electric is very common. Check into a VTAC like found in motels, old folks homes and apartments. These would be a great way to go, quieter than a wall unit and more comfortable.

    We don't talk pricing, only a dealer who can see the job and knows local costs and overhead can do that.

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    It looks like I came to the right place! Thanks for the great info and such a fast response. Sorry about the $ talk, I didn't catch that in the rules. I'll see if I can find a local rep for some of these products and learn more about pricing.
    Thanks again!

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