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Thread: florida job's

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    florida job's

    I'm thinking of moving eny one work in FL and if so how is the job market and pay scale for a ten year service tech?

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    Job market is good in central and south Florida, I don't know about the rest of the state. A good Tech will have no trouble getting a job. A good Tech can get $18.00 to $ 25.00 an hour. I don't know how this compares with northern pay. There is very little union work.

    Since there are not many heat calls it gets a little slow after October until around late April.

    95% of work is split systems, very little gas or oil. A lot of heat pumps north of West Palm Beach(not needed but energy code did this).

    In south Florida you will need to get a journeymans card( have to pass a test, some county and city requirements).

    As a contractor( I came up through the ranks) I perfer a Florida trained tech.
    My reasons: we work under strict building codes, some techs cannot adapt to all of the inspections. Most work is on home A/C split units. We use 99% duct board and flex, very little sheet metal.

    From my past experience with hiring northern trained Techs you are in for a shock. We don't do it the way it is done up north.

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    I've seen some Florida work in friends/relatives houses. Comical if nothing else. Roof top package units next to the house on the basements for cooler equipment installation. Eye sore central
    Only time will tell

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    I've moved down from fl from nyc. Big pay cut, however, no state, local or city tax down here. So it almost alright. Theres a hassle going on within the local down here (LU 123) in tampa (I dont know if your union) btwn high tonnage (chiller mechs) and the "rest of the world" in regards to mechanics. So there might be a pay diff. It's funny. Anyways, Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerrygr View Post
    Most work is on home A/C split units. We use 99% duct board and flex, very little sheet metal.
    Tornados and hurricanes love ductboard!

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    from tennessee and no union. And no residential only comm equipment!!!

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    If you have large chiller exp you will not have any problem finding employment,Depending on where you want to live. there are company's that pay above 25 per hour with large tonnage exp. Most of your factory service dept's except mcquay and trane are union. Trane in miami is still union.Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwillmech View Post
    Tornados and hurricanes love ductboard!
    Storms will chew up galvanized also

    If the roof is gone, you are gutting the home.
    The way we build has a greater impact on our comfort, energy consumption and IAQ than any HVAC system we install.

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