Hello all,
I have an older Trane XL 90 that I belIEve the squirrel cage motor is going out. The motor will run for about 10 minutes then just buzzes and stops turning, I removed the whole squirrel cage assembly and when it is not in contact with the furnace housing runs just fine but when It comes into contact with the housing will lock up. Am I correct that this is because the motor is going bad? If so the motor is GE# 5KCP39KG with N691S in bold, 1/2 HP - 115V - 9.3 AMP - 1375 RPM. Is there a generic replacement, the Grainger guy seemed stumped and couldnt find one to match the specs, closest he had was a 9.0AMP with 1075 RPM, I assume this will not cut it? Any advice is appreciated!