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    5 "repairs" later we still have a problem...

    Ok. First off excuse my layman's language, everything I know about HVAC I learned in the last month! To make a long story short, we put our house on the market on 5/10. On 5/18, we noticed a drip on the back porch. Didn't think much of it at first but after it continued our realtor advised us to call AHS to get a technician out. They send out a guy who told us something related to the evap coil was rusted and he would notify AHS who would confirm the cost of repair. Finally heard back- $ price tag as no part was covered. Got a second opinion (independently), same issue, $. Went through ORHP, still not covered, but $. Went with that guy. Not 2 days after he replaced the evap coil, the condenser grounded out, & we had to have that replaced. Had that done thru ORHP for $. Two days later, our drip is back. It's been dripping on and off for almost a week. Technician has been out three times: blown out the lines, strapped the main drain pipe at more of a downward angle, and added a cap to the pipe opening (for bleach!?). Still no solution. He is returning Monday but I have little faith in him. We are supposed to close 7/3... Absolutely do not want to scare our buyers off. Any ideas?!?
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    Sell now.
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    I dont know how it where you live but where im at the pan drain is what goes over a window, it to tell you there is a problem such as a rusted coil that is now leaking water in the pan. the pan if that is indeed what is dripping above your window should not have water in it. you say thay added some thing to make it stop which makes me believe it is not a pan drain but the condensate, which is supposed to drain but i dont know why it would be above a window. So do you know which it is? is there another drain that is only a few inches to a foot off the ground that drips when in system is running? sounds like cheaper wasnt better

    after reading this again it sounds like they might have bypassed the pan and ran the secondary drain from the coil to above the window, but that doesnt really count for why it was leaking in the first place unless the primary got clogged and you got VERY lucky they caught a rusted out coil in the process.

    I would hate to be the guy that installed that coil and then the condensor died 2 days later!
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    Sorry, prices are not allowed here.
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