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    Old problem finally solved

    Hey guys, just looking for some info but I've posted about this before and was an ongoing problem.

    Slow leak in Freon, tech would come gas and run, I questioned to the point he wouldn't come back. Changed techs, this one found one leak and thought that was it till it happened again, and again, couldn't find leak so turned into gas and run. Finally I asked the tech which is a neighbor lets go over it again, this time he found it; coil is leaking and leak can't be fixed.

    So that's my first question is that true, coil has to be replaced and leak can't be patched?

    $ for the coil sound about right?

    Here's the other threads:
    As you can see this was 2010 and problem was going on here for 2 or 3 years at this point. Unit was under warranty at the time it started so is there a chance since it started when it was under warranty and no one would fix it, could it still be covered under the warranty even though its out of warranty now?

    Thanks guys, any help would be appreciated.
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