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My mistake I was looking a XB13 paired with the tam7 air handler. When you have a XB14 paired with a tsm7. So that was a oversite on my part.

With that out of the way then yes your current system shows a rating of 15 seer as others pointed out. So that's the good news. Bad news is you can't get into contact with your installing dealer? That's horrible customer service to say the least. You might want to go ahead a be looking for another Trane dealer that can fix under warranty any parts that may fail.

Better yet look at the contractors locater map on this site and see if anyone is near your area. Again I am sorry for the mixup on my part.
I can use another Trane dealer for the initial 1 year warranty, but only parts would be covered. I would have to pay the labor. This dealer just lost their BBB rating due to unresolved issues. I can't imagine what would happen if I ever needed service. I am not even certain they configured the switches on the TAM7 correctly. I know they did not have the TAM7 set in the ComfortR (enhanced setting) which everyone else here in FL told me that is how they install them. One lesson I have learned and that is never to select a dealer without getting referrals. My mistake. The only reason I have not reported all of these issues to Trane or the BBB is in the event I ever place a warranty call they will screw me even more. Wish I could switch dealers. Thanks for the feedback!