never sold service or maintenance agreements. Probably be a lot better of $$ wise if I had, but that is ok. I am a 1 man shop and since 1972 have done mostly commercial refrigeration. Just started doing some AC work this year. Go a call yesterday AC was out some one told him to call me. He had changed the capacitor but it till didn't work. Quoted him my everyday price, no extra for Saturday. Found the transformer bad, didn't have one. He want to pick one up and install it himself. OK. I hooked up my little black box to get him going. He then says he thinks the Freon might be low as it doesn't cool like it used to. I asked if he had been changing the filters. What filters? He said nothing has been done to the unit since it was installed 23 years ago. I will be going back to do a clean up & "tune up" this week. Wonder what the evap is going to look like? Oh well might be some one who should have a service contract. If so
he will need to look elsewhere. Oh yes the unit still didn't run right off. He had the wires wrong on the capacitor.

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Im trying to wrap my head around the difference between the two? If you want to PREVENT what are typically more expensive repairs/longer downtimes, spend the little bit of money and have your equipment on a maintenance program!