My Toyostove model Laser 73 has lately been stopping and displaying the EE2 code. It doesn't do it all the time, just sometimes, and more and more frequently. Usually just turning the unit off and then back on again and then pressing the red reset button on the fuel sump gets the unit back into operation, and will run fine, cycling on and off like it's supposed to for various lengths of time, maybe half a day, maybe all day before the problem occurs again. I have the handbook with the troubleshooting guide and also have the maintenance manual which describes the various causes of this error and what to look for, and so far I think I've ruled out most of the more common causes. Fuel is getting to the heater, and flame is present through the viewing window of the burner after restarting, and cycles all the way through, usually several times before finally sometime upon beginning it's automatic startup I MIGHT hear a louder-than-normal thumping coming from the fuel pump and then for sure the unit will quit and display the EE2 code. But this doesn't happen (as I mentioned) all the time, just sometimes, you never know when it will decide to stop operation and display the code. Any ideas why I would be getting this intermittent (so far anyway) problem with the stove? I might check the flame rod next to see if it's dirty, but even if it was wouldn't that cause the problem to occur every time?