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Too bad tha block isn't inside the insulated space of the home so you gain that thermal mass. I personally would have put insulation on the exterior of the block, then the stucco. But getting wire mesh attached to the block kthrough foam board to hold the stucco is tricky. Then just leave an air gap and then drywall. But this isn't a common construction method.

Honestly, given the wall construction, I'm a little confused as to why your having issues. On paper, I would think that would be plenty of cooling if not oversized.

You might want to look at a getting someone in with a IR camera to verify the wall insulation and compare different parts of the home. Basically an energy audit.

Another question... do you have one of thsoe GIANT vent hoods in the kitchen that are popular now? When running, those can add over 2 tons of cooling capacity on a 90F humid day. However, your system should have caught up overnight.

I've been looking for someone local to do an energy audit since I was advised to do so a couple of weeks back. Unfortunately I've had no luck. We do have a very large vent system over the range but it has not been in use during the past week when temperature issues became more apparent.

Today we had the system running at a lower setting (75) since the early morning. The inside temperature dropped to the 75-76 range while outside temps remained at 98-99. My wife cooked a bit, TV on, doors open with kids coming in and out and the temp remained in the same range. Can the difference be the system was removing more humidity yesterday because the overnight setting was higher?