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    Go with the Tempstar based on the unit being a higher end model within the Tempstar line.

    GMS equipment i thought was being discontinued anyways, aren't they all going to be GMH units?
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    I have to say that I still cannot stand goodman from the junk of years past but once again I havent seen their new equipment. I was blown away by ICP's new equipment however and started selling the Tempstar line now.

    To fd3687 telling us to go with lennox, trane or carrier I'd love to know the reasoning behind that gem of advice. I seem o remember throughout the years all three of them putting out some real pieces of garbage at a high premium to boot. Everyone has had their problems. I give more credit to the lower end units making a better product now then for the higher end manufacturers that have claimed to be top of the line the whole time while ripping people off during their mistakes that they made. Tempstar is a great unit and I will soon be putting a new heat pump in my house to counter the rising oil prices.

    And sooner or later I will have to check out the new goodman products as well. Im willing to give them another chance. Unlike some people on here I think
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoBoTeq View Post
    And your opinion is based on what exactly? Just what is it that makes you think one brand is so much better then another? Be specific. So far you sound pretty unknowing about the HVAC industry. Let's see if you can back up your idiotic statements with facts.

    Start out by comparing;

    Heat exchangers
    Blower motors
    Ignition systems
    GAMA efficiency ratings
    I agree w/ roboteq, heat exchanger is probably the only thing different aas they all use the same type of ignition systems, blowers use the same brand of motors, efficiency ratings are you get what you pay for and goodman has the best parts warranty out there,

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    Tempstar would be my pick...

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    I have less services with Tempstar than goodman. I choose Tempstar .

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    Quote Originally Posted by m-cooling View Post
    I have less services with Tempstar than goodman. I choose Tempstar .
    same here
    I dont warranty Tinkeritus

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