The company I work for, Griffith Energy Services, is looking for qualified and experienced HVAC mechanics to fill some positions with our sister company, D.O. Zindorf. Most of the work is medium commercial and residential stuff. You must have your Maryland State Journeyman's License, Gasfitter's License and your CFC certification. In addition to working on gas, heat pumps and a/c units, you must also have some experience in fuel oil as we work on oil fired warm air furnaces, boilers and automatic water heaters. Weekend and on-call work is mandatory when required. The branch you will be working out off is located in Edgewater, Maryland. The number to our office is 410-956-3000. The link to my company's home page is: You can access the new employment page by going here:

I'm just a service mechanic, but if you want to talk to me before calling the head honchos my number is 443-758-4112. My name is Eddie. If no answer on phone, leave message and I will call you back. Since I am also a service tech, I cannot give you wages and stuff as that is handled by management, but the company does offer full benefits such as 401K, dental, medical, sick leave, paid vacations, personal days, company work vehicles and uniforms. High dollar tool items such as vacuum pumps and recover machines are also provided. Since we also do oil work year round, you can be rest assured you will get 40 hours in a week. Any questions, just call me first and I can help you get to the right person.