I am a general contractor and have done numerous thru-the-wall installations of window units over the years. I am wanting to install a ptac unit in my office--with heat pump and resistance heat. I have been reading thru the forum on ptac units and I find a lot of the pros with differing and often conflicting recommendations over issues with noise levels and reliability. I don't seem to find any consensus on what would be the best brand to recommend. In my research I found the Hybrid ACW brand which claims to have the longest warranty of any ptac (5 years) and has a Samsung rotary compressor. I live in central Tx (Bryan) and the only Hybrid dealer is in Dallas--the only place I can have it serviced under warranty.

My questions: Is anyone in this forum familiar with the Hybrid brand and it's function and reliability--the price delivered to me is consistant with other brands? Is there an honest single recommendation of just one of the other available brands (eg: LG, Fredrichs, GE, GREE, Hitachi, etc.) that would be considered a 'best buy'?