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    IAQ Monitors

    Hi All,

    We're based in China and as you're no doubt aware air quality here is pretty bad. We are looking to provide our clients with long term indoor air quality monitors that can log data and give real time display of PM 2.5, C02, VOC, temp and RH.

    Would anyone be able to recommend a product for such application? We have head of AirAdvice and Kanomax these look good on paper but we're not sure if they will maintain sensor performance over time (we're looking to run the units constantly generating monthly IAQ reports) Most of our clients are foreign companies i.e. Disney, IBM, Fonterra etc so we do not want to sell a product that won't stand the test of time.

    Any thoughts, advice, recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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    Tom what you should be looking at is Aircuity. They have portable and permanently installed systems. Unfortunately I have never seen a sensor yet that didn't have to be calibrated over some schedule if you want to maintain its accuracy.
    The premise of ventilation is that the OA is clean or of sufficient quality to be used for dilution. Traditional ventilation is somewhat being threatened by the fact that the EPA is changing the requirements for outdoor air quality which is creating non-attainment zones in what is now becoming a significant portion of the country. That means that buildings in those areas will need to clean up the OA before they bring it into the building.
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    Great thanks for the reply Genesis I will check out Aircuity.

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