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    Honeywell mini controller

    I still learning the excel systems so please bare with me if I fumble a Little.

    Is there an adapter for the Honeywell X1582AH mini handheld controller. all mine have the little black plug that has 14 pins . but I also see that some Excel 100's have a standard computer 9 pin serial plug for laptop connection.

    Will an adpter work?

    Thanks Mike

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    FYI this message should be posted on the Controls forum.

    Check this piece of Honeywell literature:

    Page 3 discusses the connection options. Basically, you need to replace your current cable with an XW582 cable, this gives you the 9-pin D-sub connector. Then you need the XW584 adapter cable to plug the XW582 into the older controllers with rectangular 14-pin connectors.

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