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    Relize this is an A/C issue but hoping some of you old refrigeration dogs may have some insight!

    I have a 7.5 ton York packaged RTU with electric heat. The problem I'm having is it keeps locking out on High limit control --- 9 blinks. I have replaced the air pressure control and the high limit control and thoughly checked all the wires for shorts. From what I understand this unit is designed to lock out even the A/C when this circuit is broke three times in an hour. I have taken the limit wire from the board and put it on red bypassing all the wires and safties and it does not lock out ! There is a total of 4 units on the roof and the other units have done the same thing.

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated !!!

    York MD# NM090E36B2BMB3C SN# NGNM085086

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    air pressure control? whats that,this problem seems to plague all of us on these yorks,the main limit sits above the heaters and below blower and gets moisture on it a lot,so along with changing limit look at the wire stake ons and replace if corroded, also York service said that the contactors coil amp draw may have something to do with this problem,they have replacement contactors for this at York parts {va. air}

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    How long between trips?

    A day, a week, 3 months?

    If it is a short time, say under a week, a logging thermometer would serve to tell you if the actual temp rose above limit trip, narrowing the options.

    Another option might be a set of "tattle-tales" wired across each limit control to show which limit tripped, again narrowing options.

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    We are the local york dealer around here, the 9 blink lock out (high limit or roll out open) is pretty common on the yorks, especially the sunlines. If I remember correctly, yorks "answer" the problem is an isolation relay before the contactor.

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