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    What should a saleman make?

    What should an HVAC salesman be paid? A flat percentage of the sales price of the system, or a percentage of the gross profit? What should the percentage be. What other perks or benefits should be offered.
    I'm wanting to hire my first fulltime salesman and need to know.

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    Our salesguys work on salary and commission. I'm not sure on the percentages though.

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    Might want to try this ,adjusted for your compnaies margins;

    Estimated gross margin of 40% saleman gets 13% of gross margin dollars.

    For every 1% increase he gets 33% of the 1% increase or minimum margin.

    All paid off "approved" estimates,if you pay off from actual,the saleman and the installers will have disputes,at least that's what we found.

    Approved for us means if it comes in too low ,we sit down with the salesman and find the mistake,if it's his ,commission is adjusted .Seldom ever have this problem,as estimate has some built in fudge factors,to protect all of us.

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