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    Product loss insurance

    If you do work in refrigeration that involves food products, do you need insurance in addition to your general liability insurance to cover loss of food products if you are blamed for a system breakdown? I was once in a supermarket fish department when the lobsters were dying in the tank. I heard the manager tell the worker not to worry the company that worked on the tank will pay for the lobsters
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    Thats the attitude that almost all people getting their refrigeration serviced have. Can't sell our outdated rotten food we can sue the service company. They threaten to sue on a routine basis, at some point it just becomes an idle threat listening to their bs. They are mostly scum IMO.

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    product loss

    only one way they can make you responsible is negligence on your part and very tough to prove, for instance cutting a liquid line and walking away and losing the whole charge, you were called because it was not working, right
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    Yeah, that is why I was indicating Mr Lockharts thing was a claim, not a fact.

    Food loss Guarantee is somethng that can be offered in a marketing manner, but as far as getting sued, it is more of a problem for the client than they think.

    If you replaced a condenser fan motor last week, you should note that it may have weakened the compressor. Even if you don't note it on the ticket, when the comp dies two weeks later, they have the burdon of proof that you were responsible for the comp failue.

    Here in this area it is a must that you offer the gaurantee, but in only one case that I know about did the company have to pay out a dime and it was because of an incompetent tech who of all things did not put the start cap back in the holder, it shorted to the cabinit and shut down the freezer overnight. Melted the ice cream which was on top, huge mess.

    Did not get sued though, the boss just took care of the cost, fired the tech, and retained the customer.

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    I worked on a Hussman reachin display case which had Caviar in it. Being that the shop was in Beverly Hills, they had very good insurance, and alarm systems on the case. When I went out there they said that they had lost over $150k in Caviar.

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