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    mcquay wsc063 fault codes

    Does anyone have any ideas or info they could help with on these fault codes i am getting. These are all different chillers, but the same model#. I also need info on how mcquay runs the exv valve. Any passcodes would also be awesome! Mcquay tech suport has been awful to deal with no help at all.
    High current with compressor running
    starter fault#1
    compressor stop surge temp#1

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    Post or email me the trend and alarm log from the OITS pc.

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    More information is needed on what machines you have.
    Model & serial #, What type of starters do you have, what type of controllers, what code you are running, etc.
    How old are the units, when were they started up, have you verified that the system is operating at the desgn conditions of the chiller?

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