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    HVAC School Recommendations

    Greetings to All.

    I am looking for input on “Quality/Good” Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Schools around the North Texas area. I am sure that the question about schools has come up on this forum. However, I have been unable to pin point exactly where the thread may be that would answer my question/s.

    I would like to know what the recommendations are from those who may know with a couple of schools that I am looking at currently. One HVAC school is in Waco, Texas and the school is Texas State Technical College. The second HVAC school is located in Oklahoma and the school is Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology. If you know anything about these schools (ie one better than another, both being equal and/or your sincere thoughts on which would you choose you were I) I would greatly appreciate your input.

    My background:
    I currently live in the Dallas area. I am originally from Southwest Texas and grew up in a rural area in a town of about 3500 people, had 76 Seniors’ in my Senior Class. I had and learned about horses, cattle, driving tractors, welding, brazing and working on cars growing up.

    After graduating High School and not knowing with to do for a career as an adult, I went into the U.S. Army and became an Aircraft Mechanic working on a helicopter. As a helicopter mechanic I worked on everything from the wheels to the rotor blades and everything in between.

    A few years after getting out of the military, I decided to go to a University and get a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration majoring in Finance. Having been a Financial Analyst for over 10 years and experiencing the turmoil in Corporate America, (downsizing, layoffs, bankruptcies, Executives running the companies into the ground and walking away with LARGE BONUSES $350k to $25mil after having fired most of the employees) I have decided that I can not in good conscience stay in my field and I want/need to change careers.

    Tire of living in the city and dealing with unethical Corporate American thugs, I want to get back to doing something that makes a difference and having a part in hands-on installs, repairs and the servicing of mechanical workings. I work on my own air conditioning systems on my own vehicles and believe that the HVAC industry will provide what I am needing and looking for in a career.

    I sincerely would appreciate constructive feedback in to which of the two schools I mentioned above would give me a good start in starting out the HVAC field/industry.

    I apologize for the long dissertation yet I thank you and hope you have a good one.

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    go to the one in phx refigeration school its a 6 month course im looking into

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    I Graduated from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology 32 years ago and it was a great school then, from what I can see on their website, its a great school now... cannot go wrong.

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    Lindsey-cooper refrigeration school in Irving has a two week school. I went for about $1800 dollars in 2010. They were always booked and gave classes in 3 different languages. Been around since the seventies. To complete the course you must wire around 20 trainers without a schematic and a handful of wires. Of course OJT is the most valuable but having a starting point and learning some basic theory is invaluable. Even the guys with 2 year degrees are still only at the tip of the iceberg. Until then I would call every small A/C company in town and offer to work for $10 an hour if they would agree to teach you everything from electrical circuits to refrigeration circuits. Big companies IMHO want their employees ignorant so they will forever work for slave wages and run ductwork. Also buy a refrigeration book and have the willpower to read it and understand it.
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    Because most places will expect you to have your EPA 608 certification before they will even let you work as an apprentise, you could consider the two day course offered at most AC supply stores as a place to start. Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is the best book in this field if you want to start reading up. The only school I attended was actually in the military. It was 6 weeks long and covered everything related to AC&R, not gas or commercial kitchen. The commercial kitchen equipment was a different military school.

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