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    New to the site sending a hello to the vets

    How's it going guys. New tech based out of LI/NY area. Have been meaning to make an accout for a whole after my manager showed me the site. Now here I am on the day before my bday reading up on work after being done with work lol. I appreciate all you guys out there that take the time to help out to make this site an amazing source of info to bounce ideas off of one another. Im always asking questions to being with. Any how I just wanted to send a hello out there a begin on helping out when I can. Hope to soak up some of the valuable knowledge you guys have got over the years and get a chance to use it in the feild.

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    need to get that post count up so when you need info, you can obtain it.
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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