I thinking we need a CODE that demands a proper sequence be followed when installing & also when doing Energy Efficiency work; perhaps with some kind of independent follow-up checking system.

Far too many customers are getting obscene install & service work.
Customer's also need education concerning these procedures.

Wisconsin's (R) governor Scott Walker is implementing a workforce SKILLS training program, with some money even allocated to K-12 students.

We need a very high % of HVAC folks RETRAINED to meet New Higher Standards of Performance!

If our elected reps & us HVAC folks along with everyone in the media would began to explain the tremendous economic stimulus that would occur were there to be this kind of useful high-utility-content on Radio & Television; also, linking to Internet Videos/Audios; plus links to local forums, the economy & jobs would begin to take-off...

Our World is trying to lower our fossil fuel carbon pollution...by investing wisely, everyone can save a lot on their utility bills while helping to solve a multiplicity of the core economic problems facing our World; a mutual win/win/win, reducing budget deficits & prospering everyone...