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    Advice needed for broken air compressor for insurance

    Hey forum,
    hope this dosnt fall into the no DIY rule as this compressor is not connected to the supply and sat rusting in the back yard of the warehouse.

    So heres the story,
    After a lightening storm one night the air compressor for our cool room stopped working so it was replaced with a new one and the technician said it was probably caused by the lightening.
    So the insurance company said it was covered by the policy but after a 'electrical professional' came to inspect the unit he deemed the lightening couldn't have done the damage, appartently he came out looked at the unit carried out no tests and he could tell this. We have been told he has done a detailed report but we have not seen this yet.

    Now after a bit of back and forth with the insurance company my boss has asked me if i can test the unit to see if lightening could have caused the failure of the unit. Now as you may have guessed I am not in the HVAC trade i am a coffee machine technician.

    So i was wondering if i give all the information i have if someone could give there opinion if a lighting strike could have damaged the unit?

    Because the unit is in the back yard and not connected to a supply I dont know what exactly what failed on the unit but my boss thinks the tech who fit new one said the motor had gone.

    The unit,
    Kirby KTH602
    415v 3ph

    No continuity motor winding and earth

    Motor winding resistance,
    1-2 = 8.1
    1-3 = 8.1
    2-3 = 1.9

    Now from what ive read all three readings should be the same. So is this the cause of the motor failure? and is it possible to have been caused by lightening?


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    You may have someone meg out the windings. May not see the short with a meter.
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    yes all windings should be the same as to whether it was caused by lightning is hard to say could have mechanical problems that damaged windings or it could just be time, usually if lightning did it there will be damage to other components

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    Nothing open or to ground doesn't sound like lightening strike damage to me and as was said earlier you would usually see other components fried as well. You may be able to argue a loss or spike on one phase of power to your building caused by the lightening (MAY) have contributed. This would be arguable and you would need to prove it through the electric company saying you lost or got a spike on a leg and another professional examination of the motor and any other damaged parts. The motor windings can be checked by any electrician that deals with electric motors and give you their professional opinion for the record.
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    Change insurance company's if they're gonna deny your claims.

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    Hey guys thanks for the replies,

    Well there dosnt seem to be any other damage to the unit so maybe lightening was the cause.

    But what does the 1.9 ohm between winding 2 and 3 mean!


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    With the other windings reading 8.1 ohms and the last reading 1.9 ohms. You have a turn to turn short in the third winding. This could be caused by over heating or over voltage.. Could bee attributed to a voltage spike caused by lightening!

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    nmeed more details on the motor, whats the amperage at what voltage, whats the power factor?

    need all details on the motor to determine which reading is correct and which one is wrong
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