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    ventilation system help

    my boss asked me to build a ventilation hood for him. i have built the hood but i am having trouble figuring out what size fan i need.
    the hood has a plenum that is 12"X8"X60" the 60X8 side that faces down is perforated steel that is 23%open. on the top i have 2 opening 4' apart where 6"diameter ducts attach, these ducts go up 3" then turn 90 deg towards each other then go to a T where they connect and go 4' up to where the fan will attach. My boss wants the system to have a flow rate of 300 cf/m. can you help me figure what the cfm rating for the fan should be?

    thank you very much

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    Correct me if my interpretation is wrong. You have two grills for vents? each vent is 300CFM? therefore you need 600CFM fan, just add 5% of the capacity for frinction loss.
    Or use frequency drive if you really want to hit exact 300CFM


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