Hi everyone, been watching this forum for a while and have learned some good information so hope someone can help me out with this one. Usually work on small catering fridges coldrooms etc, but one customer asked if i could look at there portable vacuum machine. Trouble is am finding it hard to find any informaiton on this one

Model- TEPRO pp5
its a single phase machine. On the front it says "TEPRO MEV OH"

Problemn is when you knock the machine on it shows "ER" in the pumping time display a number "3" in the dosage time display and the power button light blinks. The machine doesnt start or do anything at all. Had a look inside and apart from the circuit board at the front the components look fairly basic. There is a number for a uk dealer but the lines dead. Not being at all familiar whith this machine hope someone could pass on some knowledge os even some info on the error code.

Many thanks and hi from the uk