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    Quote Originally Posted by HVAC Leader View Post
    Mike 19 and Mason,

    Here are the answers to your questions/comments:

    Yes - we had 30 leave and had to fire 2-3. They've all been replaced with new techs and we're now at 65 techs going up to 75 (yes, growing).

    Yes - pay was cut for many of the techs because we stopped them from "logging" extra hours. Hourly rates actually were increased, vacation was increased, holidays were increased, drive time was paid (previously flat rated). So, the honest techs are making more today.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "sales techs". We kept the honest techs (high and low paid) and hired 40 more. We don't have "sales techs", we have 100% service techs and have high standards for integrity and competence. Our company is designed to attract techs who are tired of working for dishonest companies.

    Mason - It doesn't matter to me if you'd like to work for me or not. I've been leading men in business and combat for many years. I know and understand leadership and integrity and have high standards that were forged in the military. Many people aren't comfortable in such an environment, but those who are do very, very well. I'm pleased to be able to join this forum and rightfully defend the company against falsehoods and slander. My final note on the topic is that I've found the industry as a whole fraught with companies that cheat customers and do poor quality work. Nothing else matters to me except running the very best HVAC company in the US. Those that buy in are welcome and those that don't can do whatever they'd like. Good luck in your chose career and remember that earning an honest living is both possible and honorable.
    Wish you'd have left the combat/military deal out of your defense. It doesn't make you a good or better leader. If you have more then 15 minutes time in service you know there are terrible NCOs and officers out there. Your service is an honor not a crutch. A good leader would know that.

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    Primary Leadership Development Course, otherwise known in the Army as PLDC, where an e-4 must be invited to prior to being promoted to Sargent E-5. The absolute very basic premise is. Praise in Public, Reprimand in Private. They drill it into you. This is only the beginning of leadership training for a future military leader. Each promotion after is further and more intense leadership training which is defined by the basic premise of Praise in Public, Reprimand in Private. Having a brother who is a retired Master Chief, a grandfather who retired as a highly decorated full bird, and other family who have lead men in every branch, this remains a leadership ethos through out.

    Unless the entire US Military leadership course ethos has changed, this gentleman is using the military as an excuse for his actions on here.

    I have no opinion on anything other than, to please refrain from characterizing your comments as what you gleaned in leadership roles in the US Military. Your actions and words here are not characteristic of leadership.

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    This HVACLeader dude has definitely drunk the Kool Aid.

    I agree with others, if you were/are a military leader, you need to re-read your military leadership handbook. Nothing like your type of leadership was ever taught in my Marine Corps. In fact, you would probably have been taken outback and taught some real leadership. I have no idea what went on at your little company, but if the leadership that you exhibited on here is any indication of the type of leadership you exhibit on a daily basis, then there is no wonder why 2/3 of your techs walked out on you.

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