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    Cool New to site from Denver

    Howdy, New member been in the trade for about ten years. Mostly Residential and Light Commercial Install/Maintenance/Service. EPA-608 Universal. I have worked in a few of these great United States and have been exposed to a little bit of everything. Its nice to have found a virtual community (of which I am proud to say is the only one I now belong to - despite this digital age) of like minded folks with an attention specifically to doing things correctly and helping to spread the knowledge of the trade.

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    Always had a question for you guys above sea level. Are your pressures different in denver a mile high above sea level, where as I'm located in NYC below sea level. I understand they are sealed systems but its always been a couriosity question. What better place than to ask on a HVAC site lol

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    I assume you mean the pressures you would read on your gauges with AC systems? In which case no, not that I can attest to. However, I have read some information on an older thread here (titled: altitude effect?) how the low altitude does affect the overall operation and efficiency. Pressure switches and gas pressures need to be changed and set.

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    sorry that should read High Altitude

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