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Thread: clogged dryer

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    Quote Originally Posted by icemeister View Post
    The only component in a system which could be the source crap is the compressor. Some compressors are crappier than others, so one might expect more crap to be generated by a crappy compressor.

    Filters are designed to catch a lot of crap. As shown in the pictures, when they've done their job they stop working because they're full of you must install a new filter to catch the remaining crap being generated by the compressor.

    The compressor will eventually stop working too...when it no longer can produce crap because it's crapped out.

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    Embraco is not that bad, no complaints from this side of the river

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    I've had driers plugged like that. I cut one open in a 134a system and all the desiccant beads were fused together like concrete. The cap tube was the same way. I believe high heat was the culprit.

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