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Thread: Humble offering

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    Humble offering

    22 year old Carrier 5 ton in a nasty location. Big freakin' resi beast - always all kinds of filth on it. Last year I had an attitude and barely rubbed my hands over the top to get the grime off. I've grown a bit since then and decided to make amends. And add a half hour of OT to my week - knowing I had 5 ton double coil trump card if anyone dared questioned how much time I took.

    Sure I'd rather be rebuilding an 80 ton chiller on my lunch hour. But sometimes you have to get back to the humbling basics. And I actually had a nice time doing it.

    Almost done with initial scrubbing and finished product after 409 and wax.
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    So you gave her a good massage while whispering sweet "nothings" into her fan shroud. She oughta provide years of trouble-free service after that.

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