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    Hmm Replacement capacitor

    I during the process changing of the blower motor I noticed the capacitor was extremely rusty and it might need replacement
    on the capacitor tag it says
    with 2 bar codes
    that all the information I have on the rusty capacitor
    I checked online I found the capacitor with following specs 50/5 uf with 370 v

    I checked on sears catalog web site for the compressor model number CA36K-1T Thermal zone and it listed different part number
    620764 with following specs 35/5 uf and 440 v
    on capacitors web site it says I can not deviate on uf more than 10% however i can go with higher voltage

    the question is should i go with he number on unit with 50/5 370
    or the number on sears catalog website with 35/5 440
    thanks for all your help in advance
    or should I buy capacitor meter to double check the specs on my capacitor

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    Just because it has rust on it does not mean that it needs replacing. If it aint broke don't fix it

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    Always change cap when replacing a motor, it could've been a weak cap that caused the motor to fry. Call an hvac supply house, give brand and model # and they should be able to give you the correct cap size.

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